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Presse - Le Clos Gallice, Epernay.
Presse - Le Clos Gallice, Epernay.
Presse - Le Clos Gallice, Epernay.

Art workshops of France 

The Crafts magazine - December 2022 / January 2023

Boutique Collective: Unity is strength 

Presse - Le Clos Gallice, Epernay.

L'Union, 10/12/2020 with Manon Escalle, Ceramist and Sarah Lepage Jeweller.
The Clos Gallice artisans and artists shop in Épernay is moving and reopening
A new address for one more adventure at Clos Gallice! First installed in the street of the same name, then avenue de Champagne, the association bringing together more than twenty creators of all kinds from the Grand Est reopened its doors yesterday, at 20, rue de la Juiverie this time. this. [...]

Presse - Le Clos Gallice, Epernay.

Friday Weekly, 10/12/2020
It's moving in the rue de la Juiverie

Made semi-pedestrianized, last summer, at the end of the confinement, this artery of the city center lost its vitality in a few months. She could find it thanks to new openings. [...] The artists and craftsmen of Clos Gallice settle down. Last Wednesday, Le Clos Gallice opened the doors of its new boutique for designers, artists and craftsmen. [...]

Together is better, France 3 Grand Est, the16/12/2021

Manon ESCALLE Ceramist and President of the Le Clos Gallice Association and Valérie ALEXANDRE present the Le Clos Gallice boutique on the showTogether is better, on France 3.


L'Union, on 02/02/2022 with Clotilde Valentin, Painter.
Le Clos Gallice in Épernay, a melting pot for crafts

The association brings together around thirty artists who can exhibit and sell their work in the shop located on rue de la Juiverie. [...] At the beginning of the year, the Clos Gallice, presents new craftsmen, Clément Ledoux, ironworker, Grégory Pierson, straw marquetry, BisouMaille with his hand-knitted layette clothes and the workshop Monk, upholsterer. [...]

Presse - Le Clos Gallice, Epernay.

The union, August 13, 2022 with Marion Bui, Vannerie Nomade 

A basket weaver has redecorated a sad metal barrier in Epernay

Weaver Marion Bui has transformed a sad metal fence. It is located at the entrance to the rue de la Juiverie, where the Clos Gallice, a boutique of designers and craftsmen, has set up shop. “I had some wicker left over from an old Ardennes festival where I had made a few installations. The barrier being ugly, I told myself that I could make it pleasant” (....)

Angelique Zrak et Isabelle Royer

The World of Artisans, CMA Grand Est, May 10, 2022

Le Clos Gallice: the association of craftsmen in the heart of Épernay

The only arts and crafts shop in Épernay, Le Clos Gallice is also an association of committed professionals. Since its creation in 2014, it has succeeded in anchoring the products of artistic craftsmen to local customers, thus supporting the economic development of its members. (...)

Presse - Le Clos Gallice, Epernay.

Le Clos Gallice is a place full of good ideas for finding an original gift or an unusual souvenir made in Champagne.

It brings together local craftsmen in one place in the heart of downtown Epernay. The sale is ensured by the craftsmen themselves in turn. (...) 

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